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Two Tips to Follow When Renting Signs for a Big Party

If you'll be renting a few signs for a big party, here are some tips to follow.

Evaluate your venue before contacting the event sign supplier

Before getting in touch with an event sign supplier and renting any signage from them, you should evaluate your party venue to ensure that you pick the right types of signs. For example, if you're hiring out an opulent period property for your soiree, you might not be permitted to use any type of adhesive or nails to attach your party signs to the walls, as these could damage its antique wall panels or other valuable historic features. Getting this information before you hire your signs will ensure that the supplier can provide you with alternatives (such as folding signs that have 'feet' that will allow you to place them on the floor, or banner signs that you can attach to freestanding poles).

Similarly, if the venue is a marquee and you notice that its walls are made of a very flimsy canvas, you might need to ask the sign supplier to use lightweight sign materials (like a thin card or vinyl), as heavier signage might not stay in place on this material or might make it tear.

Use the event sign supplier's sign fitting service

Most sign suppliers will fit the signs they rent, for an additional fee. It's best to use this service if your sign supplier offers it. hanging up signage is never as quick or easy as you think it will be. It takes time and a good eye to ensure that the signs are not crooked, and are in the most attractive and easy-to-see position. It also takes some skill to ensure the signs that need to be attached to walls are fitted in a way that does not damage the sign material or the wall surface.

If you've got lots of other preparatory things to do in the hours leading to the party, having them do this job would not only give you more time to do other party-prep chores, but would also mean that you wouldn't have to worry about the signage not looking good or causing damage to the venue. It will also mean that there will be almost no chance of the signs unexpectedly falling off the surfaces they're attached to, as the supplier will know how to fit them so they're completely stable and secure.