Business Signs: Blending Art and Function

Two Suggestions To Follow When You’re Having Retail Signs Designed

Here are some suggestions to follow when you're having retail signs designed.

Include light-reflecting features or paint if the sign will be in direct sunlight

If the sign will be outdoors or will be facing out of a window that gets direct sunlight during a particular period of the day, you should consider having some features added to it, or using a paint that reflects the light. If you don't want the sign to look too glitzy, you could opt to have its lettering painted on with subtle shimmering gold paint. Alternatively, if you're quite happy to make your shop's signs super sparkly, you could request a paint that features chunky glitter. You could also have small sequins embedded onto the sign or pick a shimmering sign material.

Doing this will mean that when the sun shines directly on the sign at a certain point in the day, the sign's text will sparkle and glint in the light. This will not only make it look beautiful but will also make more of your customers notice it, which could be useful if the sign is advertising some new stock you'd like to make them aware of or some old stock that you'd like to sell off a bit more quickly. If you'd like to highlight the sign's light-reflecting features at other times of the day, you could wrap string lights around it or point your shop's lights towards it so that there is always some type of light directed at its surface.

Pick signs that you can hang in multiple areas of your retail premises

Whilst you might need to get a few retail signs that have to be specially made to fit in a specific section of the shop, it's best to try to ensure that most of the signs you have designed can be placed in several areas of the premises. You might, over time, decide to play around with your shop's layout. Changing the location of certain types of stock is a good way to introduce customers who tend to only visit one section of the shop to other goods that you have for sale.

If however, the retail signage that relates to some stock is, due to its size or design, only suitable for use in one area, you'll have to order a new version of it if you decide to move that stock to another part of your shop. As such, if you don't want the rearrangement of your stock to cost you anything, it's sensible to pick signs that are versatile enough to be used in several locations.

For more information, contact a retail signs provider in your area.