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A simple guide to switchboard engraving

Clear, accurate labels for your electrical switchboard not only help your business operate smoothly but also help keep your employees safe. Readable labels are especially important because switchboards are often in areas where printed labels may fade, sustain damage, or be hard to read, such as maintenance cupboards or outdoor areas. In order to keep your labels crisp and readable, consider switchboard engraving. Engraved labels have several advantages over other types. 


Switchboard engraving services can create engraved labels using a wide range of different materials. This means that you can choose the ideal label material for the environment. Stainless steel engraved labels are durable and ideal for use in harsher conditions, while acrylic labels are moisture-resistant, are lightweight and come in a variety of colours. Choosing the right material for your switchboard labels will keep them clear and readable, saving money over the long term. When considering materials, it's also important to consider how your signage will attach to the switchboard. Screws are unlikely to be possible, meaning that you may need to select a heat-resistant adhesive to keep your signs attached to the switchboard casing. 


Switchboard engraving allows you to create custom labels that match your exact specifications. This means that you can create labels that enhance legibility using a number of different techniques. For instance, creating engraved labels with different background or text colours helps to draw the eye to different areas of the switchboard, making it easier to tell switches apart quickly. When designing a label, choose background and text colours with high contrast to make the text easier to read. Choosing the correct colours and designs can also help you tailor the labels to the area's lighting, improving readability. 

Graphics and designs

There's more to switchboard engraving than simple text. Switchboard engraving services allow you to add images, diagrams and logos to your labels. These designs provide a number of different advantages: technical diagrams can make it easier for users to understand the layout of the switchboard, while a corporate logo can enhance your branding and help people identify the switchboard's owner. Similarly, warning iconography can identify the potential hazards of an electrical switchboard. 

Your switchboard is a vital piece of equipment and it requires clear signage to make it easy and safe to use. Engraved signage is resistant to damage, weathering and fading, making it the ideal choice to keep your switchboard clearly readable for a long time to come. 

To learn more, contact a resource that offers switchboard engraving services.