Business Signs: Blending Art and Function

How Clever Vehicle Signage Can Cause A Boost In Your Company's Profile

Many companies use vehicle signage as a way of cheap advertising—and for good reason. You and your employees likely drive at least several hours a week, and while you are on the road you can pass thousands if not tens of thousands of potential customers. If even half a percent of those 10,000 or more people that see your vehicle on the road every week end up calling in, that is still 50 calls. However, first, you need to get their attention, and that is why you need to think outside the box when it comes to vehicle signage

Contact Local Artists

You probably haven't invested too much money into your own branding as a local, medium-sized business, but it is time you start to. There are many incredible artists all across the country that are more than happy to help you develop your identity with an interesting piece of art. Explain the situation to them and talk about some ideas you may have had about your vehicle signage, and then see what they come up with. If you don't know anyone and can't find someone easily, then just ask your vehicle signage contractor if they can suggest anyone or if they can even do it in-house. 

Keep It Light And Fun

Nobody is drawn to boring old statistics and checklists when it comes to vehicle signage. You might very well have the best service in your entire suburb, but that is not how you will get eyes on your car or truck when advertising. Instead, think of something more bold or funny for your vehicle signage. If your company's name has a connection with something, then maybe try an exaggerated version of it. For example, if your company has an animal name in it, like Cobra Sports Store, then get something like a cartoony depiction of a snake dribbling a basketball or playing cricket. To put it simply: words and statistics are out, and fun, playful images are in.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

In addition to the fun display of images on your vehicle signage, there is one thing you do need to have repeated in large font: your name and contact information. That means you should at least have your company's name, number and website on the back and both sides of your car. While you don't need a full list of all your services because you will just blend into the white noise for other drivers, you do need to give them a way to contact you after you hook them with your fun imagery. Remember to bold your contact information and display it as prominently as possible; otherwise, you will get people excited but they will have no way to actually use your services.