Business Signs: Blending Art and Function

Rubber stamps for small businesses

Running a small business means building a distinctive brand identity without the kind of budget that larger enterprises can call on. It also means giving your customers that all-important sense of personal attention. Creative use of custom rubber stamps can help establish your brand at an affordable price by giving your company's materials a handmade look; you can use them on packaging, stationery, promotional materials and more, adding a custom touch even to the most generic material. 


Custom rubber stamps can help turn generic packaging into an attractive ad for your product. You can use a custom stamp to cover the entire package or use a stamp with specific product information to differentiate between products that use the same printed packaging. You can also use stamps to quickly produce tags or labels for items, such as clothing, that don't come in a full package. Don't worry if you don't place the stamp perfectly every time, leading to some slightly off-centre or misaligned text; the slight variations that naturally result from a stamped logo help give packaging a home-made appearance without investing too much time in any one piece. 


A rubber stamp featuring your business's name, web address and logo is a good way to make your invoices, advertising mailers and other correspondences fit into your branding strategy. As with packaging, the stamp saves time and helps give your items a touch of personalisation. This also allows you to personalise generic promotional material; for instance, custom holiday cards might not be affordable, but a rubber stamp can turn a generic holiday card into one specific to your business. 

Business cards

Professionally printed business cards look great, but they can lack the handmade charm that makes a business stand out. Blank business cards stamped with custom rubber stamps take a little longer to produce and create a distinctive look. As an added bonus, if you're ever out of business cards, you can use a self-inking stamp to stamp your details on anything convenient; stamp them right into a contact's diary or notebook to make sure they don't forget you. 

Get creative

Although packaging, correspondence and promotional materials, such as flyers and business cards, are the most obvious places to use custom rubber stamps, they aren't the only ones. You can decorate any paper product -- and some non-paper ones -- with a stamp. Your stamp could go inside a book's cover, on a disposable coffee cup, on a sticky note or even on the wallpaper -- just make sure it's your wallpaper.