Business Signs: Blending Art and Function

Make Your Business Visible with The Right Signage Options

Signs are all about communicating a message. In today's competitive and noisy world, it has become even harder to get a message across. Therefore, having the right signage can be one of the few ways in which customers can learn about your business and the message that you intend to put across.

Proper signage can also enable customers to find your business premises or to learn about any promotions/discounts that your company is offering. Simply put, having the right signs can put your business in front of a larger audience.

There are many different types of signs available, ranging from indoor to outdoor signage. This article will focus on the different types of outdoor signage that are available, because these are the primary tools that can attract more customers for your business.

Types of outdoor signage


Banners are a great signage choice for both indoor and outdoor use. They are flexible because they can be made as large or as small as necessary. Banners can also be embedded with artwork, unique designs and pictures. Need to communicate a complex message? Banners could be the right signage choice for you.

Electronic Signs

For businesses that want to take full advantage of technology, electronic signs are the way to go. They are highly customizable, allowing you to communicate a different message whenever necessary. Electronic signs can be placed along busy roads in order to direct customers to your store. They can also be programmed to communicate contact information, discounts and promotions.

Backlit signs

Backlit signs involve the use of light sources that are embedded behind a design. The design can be the business logo, business name, or any other message that you desire. These signs are commonly placed on high walls in order to increase the outreach of the message to a larger audience.

They are visible both day and night, making them powerful marketing tools. Backlit signs also made of high quality material and last for a long time without needing constant maintenance.

Channel letters

Channel letters are a common option for brands to display their brand names and identity. They help you stand out from the competition because each letter has to be hand-crafted and put together to form the final sign. Established brands love channel letters because they effectively communicate the business message in a unique and attractive way.

Window Graphics

Got windows? Take advantage of them by embedding them in the proper signage. You can reflect your business's products and services right on your store windows. These designs can attract potential customers passing by, or people who are looking for your business.