Business Signs: Blending Art and Function

Make Your Fast Food Business Stand Out With Vehicle Signage

Few markets are as competitive as fast food delivery. In most Australian cities, if you run a pizza parlour or Indian restaurant, customers will be able to choose between plenty of other eateries in your own niche along with an array of different cuisine options.

As the market research company IBISWorld puts it, "while operators are able to enter the industry with relative ease, gaining a sustainable market share is much more difficult." This level of competition makes it vital that your brand stands out.

Using vehicle graphics to give your delivery vans a colourful, branded appearance is an excellent way to increase your local visibility and capture attention from hungry customers. Here are some ways to create vehicle designs that are cost effective, attention grabbing and show off your business effectively to the world.

Produce an Accurate Template Before You Finalise Your Printing Arrangements

The first step in creating a branded fleet of delivery vehicles is sourcing a template for your designers to use. This template needs to be tailored to the contours and dimensions of the vehicles you use or the finished product will include distortions and important information may be missed. There's no need to measure your van down to the last millimetre. For most common models, you can download templates ready made from specialist vendors. Some printers will source a template for your vehicle as part of their packages. Others will require clients to provide an image of how the final design should look.

Craft an Eye-Catching Design

The next stage is the actual design. You can either do most of the design work yourself with packages like Photoshop or work with a professional printing agency. If you are less comfortable working with graphic design software to come up with a design, it's best to work with companies that combine printing and design. They should talk you through your design options at every stage.

Try to formulate a design that avoids high resolution elements like photos or large amounts of text. People won't read complex information on passing vehicles, and printing techniques can make high resolution photos less distinct. Instead, focus on your name, contact details and any branded livery that your company uses. Keep it simple, and make sure your design team transfers it accurately to the vehicle template.

Complete Your Vehicle Makeover With Digital Printing

After sourcing templates and designing the graphics, the final stage is printing. The best way to transfer high quality images to vehicle bodies is by using digitally printing techniques, high-quality 3M vinyl and laminated coverings that will protect the design for as long as possible. Cast vinyl is a good idea if you have the budget, as it is both thinner and more durable. Choose a reputable agency is just as crucial. Poor quality vehicle signage firms often fail to clean vehicle surfaces thoroughly, reducing the lifetime of the finished design or use inferior materials that cause designs to "pop" out soon after application.

If you use a skilled digital printing company, collaborate with a design team that can implement your ideas and use the right templates for your fleet, vehicle signage can be a great way to raise awareness of your fast food business. With cut-throat competition the norm in Australia, every advantage matters.