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Tourist Service Signs In Victoria: 3 Common Questions

Tourist service signs are the directional signs are installed on road reserves. The main aim of having these signs is to direct tourists to various attraction sites and to provide information on accommodation facilities, so that tourists have an easier time finding their way around Victoria.

The regulations that govern tourism signage in Victoria are slightly different than those that regulate traditional commercial signage. This article answers three questions that a student of tourism and hospitality may have in relation to tourist service signs in Victoria.

Are Permits Required For The Installation Of Tourist Service Signs?

Unlike other types of commercial signage, individuals looking to install a tourist service sign do not need to get a permit for the installation from the Victorian road authorities.

In as much as there is no permit required, the installation of tourist service signs must comply with the minimum requirements spelt out for commercial signs. For example, the installation of tourist service signs shouldn't interfere with the field of view for oncoming motorists. Also, the design of the service sign shouldn't incorporate the use of highly reflective materials that glare and reflect back light from oncoming traffic.

Lastly, tourist service signs should be designed to collapse easily when exposed to high impact (e.g. the impact of collision in the event of an accident).

Why Are Permits Not Required For The Installation Of Tourist Service Signs?

Perhaps the decision to allow for the permit-less installation of tourist service signs is that it's meant to act as an incentive for tourist facility operators to erect useful signs.

The main reason that explains why permits are not required for tourist service signs is that these signs are not meant for advertising. The main objective of installing tourist service signs is to provide vital information for tourists and not to advertise or promote a tourist accommodation facility (for example).

In the end, however, a service sign will promote a tourist accommodation facility (or a tourist attraction site) by default. The "free" promotional value of tourist service signs is a second incentive for players in the tourism sector to invest in proper service signage with an attractive sign design.

How Is The Proliferation Of Tourist Service Signs Controlled?

Considering that one can install a service sign without a permit, the problem of overcrowded signs at a road intersection (for example) might be anticipated. For this reason, the Victorian road authority has restrictions in relation to the maximum number of tourist service signs that can be installed around a single junction or intersection.

Once the maximum number of signs have been installed, tourism sector players are required to install their signs at the nearest tourist information bay.