Business Signs: Blending Art and Function

Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Business Signs for Your Company

An effective business sign outside your company's location can work to bring in foot traffic and ensure customers or clients don't drive by without being able to find your location. They can advertise your product or service and create brand awareness in passersby. When you're ready to have a business sign made, you want to ensure it's effective and yet memorable. Note a few common mistakes to avoid when designing your business sign.

1. Being too bland

A business sign should catch the attention of passersby as well as drivers on the road, and because of this, they cannot be too bland and dull. This is especially true if your business sign will be located in an area with a lot of other business signs, such as in a strip mall or industrial complex. While you want a sign that reflects your business, you don't want something so bland that someone looks right past it.

Note how simple things like a bold background color or color of lettering can affect the overall look of a sign. You might also consider where your sign is placed; putting it on the front of your building can be good, but a hanging sign over the front door can make it stand out from all the signs around it. A barbershop pole might be more memorable than a plain white sign outside your building, or you might consider a wooden figure holding your sign versus one that is simply placed in the ground. Anything you can do to add personality and interest to your business sign is sure to get it noticed.

2. Avoiding direct messages

Telling your customers or clients what to do is actually the best way to get them through your front door. Your sign should have a direct message, such as "Stop in today," "Visit our website," or "Shop now!" Rather than assuming that your customers or clients will be impelled to stop in your location by your sign alone, tell them exactly what you want them to do so they'll be more likely to actually do it.

3. Forgetting how outside conditions change

A business sign needs to be seen in direct sunlight, overcast weather, at dusk, at night, and so on. If you make a sign that looks good when the weather is perfect, you may miss out on traffic that drives by on rainy days or in the evening. Note if a sign becomes virtually invisible when the sun hits it directly, or if the dark colors of a nearby sign disappear at night. If so, avoid these choices for your own sign and choose materials that deflect the sun's rays, as well as lighting you can use at night or when the weather is poor.

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